Why should I take a Short-term course?

Short-term Programs
Short-term programs are courses of study that can be completed in a few days/ few weeks or few months. These programs are probably completed in the shortest-time to add qualification in the career, personal interests, knowledge, resume, experience, boost the professional skills and helps in move up the corporate ladder etc. Also advantages for those who do not want to complete a full qualification, which take 2-4 years.

These courses mainly emphasize on the fundamentals of the subject to suit most of the learners specially the working people to enhance their skills and also to the people who have a busy lifestyle.

These courses can be taken in winter, summer or even during the academic year, as professional classes or just academic courses or workshops/ seminars/ webinars. To fit into calendar of all, such programs are planned on either working days or over weekends in – morning, afternoon or evening sessions.
One-year short courses are also run to offer specifications on certain topic.

Non-Credit Programs
Some colleges offer non-credit certificate programs that can be completed in a short period of time. These certificate programs are focused on specific skills in business, nursing, transportation, health etc.

Any Learner can take a Short-term course
• Short-term courses allow to learn new skills and ways of thinking.
• Being able to showcase an array of skills, differentiate you in a job interview.
• Flexibility & freedom in topic selection of choice. Does not matter, he/she belongs to that field or not. This flexibility is making such courses popular.
• Flexibility to choose the learning mode – Class Room sessions or Live online-line (instructor-led), offline (video/audio) based sessions etc.
• The course-design is more practical and convenient for the Learners to attract and encourage them to improve their skills and put weight to the resume while continue their current lifestyle and responsibilities.
• As technology evolves – systems, programs and practices change, making it critical for employees to refresh/enhance their skills and stay on top of their role and be visible at workplace.
• Short-term courses help saving the time and money to make a decision to study a full-time degree.
• Short-term courses are the perfect way for those who want to do & deliver more but either do not have time or the necessary skills, they find it easy to choose by engaging in various subjects before deciding if it really is the right path for them.
• People who like Networking, short course classes are a good cause to socialize and make new business contacts and friends.
• Instead of staying at home with an idle mind do something productive, take some short-term course of choice.

Get-Set-Go for your short-term course!

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