About Acadepro

Acadepro aims to provide digitalised education consultancy and accreditation service for modern higher education institutions. Our integrated core portfolio of services, solutions are built on 100+ years of experience.


Acadepro Style 1-2-3 strategy helps to raise the profile of your institution with high score on accreditation to be seen as a professional, caring Institute. Three-point spotlight are the existing core process of the Institute, Technology expansion as well as the Upskilling to keep pace with emerging technology, have distinct benefits & results.

Style-1 Core Process To maximise the impact of the teaching, Higher Education Institutions align themselves with Standard Policy & Process.


As higher education process consultant, we offer a complete package to go hand-in-hand for accreditation by MHRD recognised accrediting bodies like NBA (National Board of Accreditation) and NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) to meet the International Education Quality Standard.


Style-2 Technology Expansion This Style is a game-changer and Covid-19 has proven this. The Institutes, who are able to visualise the power of Technology, will stay in market as leader. These are usually niche emerging tools and technology which will boost not only the Student Experience but will also facilitate the Top Management in their decision making capabilities.


Style-3 Up-Skill / Re-Skill  This style is about looking beyond tomorrow and train the trainers (faculty development program) by means of interactive on-line sessions with pre & post assessments.


To meet the demand of new millennium, technology advancement aligns itself with fourth Industrial Revolution, which are poised to have a significant impact in 2020 and beyond. Acadepro offers emerging hot topics, like- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, Cyber Security, Data Analytics etc. as the connecting threads of Education with variety of verticals in Industry.


A successful Style-3 approach connects the dots between existing strengths, the focus points of tomorrow and the shifting canvas in which to operate to stay ahead as leader in the market to deliver .


Acadepro Style 1-2-3 strategy is our strength and truly differentiating in the market place in digital age today. Surely our clients are increasingly demonstrating their confidence in this strategy and our ability to deliver the best graduates to the Industry.


Acadepro promises to continue to build and invest in Style 1-2-3 capabilities with the primary goal to be the partner of choice for Higher Education Institutes, globally. Lastly, we ourselves will continue to re-skill, train and build the capabilities to be future-ready.

Acadepro Mission

Be the most sought for, recognised and passionate organisation to handhold the academic institutions by defining a robust process roadmap with a need to re-skill and up-skill the faculty to meet the need of Modern Education.

Acadepro Vision

To partner & mentor academic higher education institutions to bring high values to education.

Partner With Us

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”  -Henry Ford


Acadepro is a right fit if you have expertise in either of – Accreditation, Faculty Up-skilling/Re-Skilling and Technology Expansions (IT Infrastructure, Security Surveillance, Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning etc.)

Acadepro Core Values

Acadepro works on principle to “Partner with Institute” to implement the best-in-class and give the competitive edge.