Machine Learning is changing the world!!

Machine Learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience.
In other words, ML is an application of Artificial Intelligence with capability of self-learning from the datasets/information that the machine was exposed without the need of configuring it at each step. This tremendous improvement has created a very great change in the overall development of the technology world. ML is changing the way we perceive our lives in the day to day living.

The applications of ML, like: Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Computing are getting implanted and implemented in almost all sectors including education, healthcare, food, entertainment, transport, digital media, finance and many more. The output of introducing ML applications is that it has leveraged the overall performance of machines (to very smart that is the capability to learn itself from the huge data) and thereby increasing the user and customer satisfaction.
The transformation in the educational systems after the implementation of ML technologies has benefited the students, teachers, parents and educational policy makers. The smart technology devices help to develop smart classrooms for students, digital systems to record student performance which in-turn helps the teachers, accurate data management and customised reporting facilities within short time helping the policy makers. The strenuous and time-consuming jobs are automated through Machine Learning.

ML systems are a boon in the healthcare industry. The application of ML programs helps in diagnosis of illnesses quickly and accurately. ML programs takes into account the age, genetics, social and economic conditions of the patients and analyses the health issues from the huge patient data to prevent serious illnesses. In many hospitals the ML systems are used to detect tumours and cancers accurately in very early stages and thus helping doctors to treat patients as soon as possible. All these changes definitely enhance the quality of life extensively.

The integrated alarm system with surveillance cameras are of common use today. The facial and voice recognition technologies in these security systems uses ML to identify the regular visitors and alert the emergency services in case of fake visitors.
The personalised digital assistants like Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home uses voice-activated control for our homes (in setting alarm, dimming light, locking door etc.) at command also uses ML.
The digital media are curated by ML as it processes data from all the past searches, interactions and behaviours to tailor our needs and give us the best experiences. The feeds on Facebook timelines, notifications, programme suggestions on YouTube, Netflix and Spotify etc., are decided by ML. The ML applications like Siri, Cortana and Google Now uses smart search engines that can optimize using keyword search or human speech.
The driverless cars which are fully automatic uses image recognition ML technology in transportation. The Robots and Drones created using ML algorithms are used in Military to diffuse bombs and other paramilitary operations.
Machine learning is the future of all businesses. Most of the businesses like banking, finance, real estates and trading companies etc., relies on ML to improve the customer service, investments and risk managements.

Change is the only thing that is constant. The changing technology has always improved the lifestyle and well-being of the mankind when used rightly. ML along with Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies is going to change the world completely. This would allow mankind to focus on more important and useful developments. Let us welcome this change and allow humankind to transform to a higher level.

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