NAAC Accreditation Process : Reasons & Timelines for delays or withdrawal

This BLOG is all about the delays or withdrawal implications in any stage of NAAC-Accreditation process.
NAAC Assessment and Accreditation (A&A) Process is a very systematic, well-defined & disciplined towards “Quality Status” of an institution.

A login credentials to access NAAC-HEI Portal is activated once NAAC approves the Registration done by the University/ College. Any future information exchange and submissions including fee payments happen thru NAAC-HEI Portal only.

NAAC Assessment and Accreditation (A&A) Process has 4 major steps:

1. Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA) submission

  • Registered Institutes will pay fee & upload IIQA at NAAC-HEI Portal
  • Acceptance of “Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA)” is mandatory to move to the next step – submission of Self Study Report (SSR)
  • NAAC will communicate reasons for rejection, if any. Accordingly, University/ College will address the deficiencies and upload the revised IIQA again.
  • University/ Colleges can resubmit IIQA within 1 year & 2 attempts with same fee

2. Self-Study Report (SSR) submission
Self-Study Report (SSR) is the primary document for NAAC Assessment and Accreditation process. It takes approximately a year to prepare this document in the prescribed format by the University/ College for the initial review. SSR encompasses both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the strengths and limitations of the University/ College.

  • The Institutes prepare & upload SSR at NAAC Portal within 45 days from the date of acceptance of IIQA along with 50% (non-refundable) of the prescribed fee.
  • In case of failure to upload SSR within 45 days; Institutes will have to start the process afresh along with registration accreditation fees.
  • SSR assessment for pre-qualifications (i.e. minimum 30% score based on the Quantitative Metrics) is done. There is a possibility of iterations to incorporate the feedback by respective University/ College within the scheduled time.
  • If the University/ College fail in incorporating the feedback within the scheduled time then the respective University/ College has to resubmit IIQA
  • “NO Response” from University/ College will lead to “Intent to Withdraw” without refund of fee
  • If the Institute does not clear the Pre-qualifier stage then they will have to apply afresh by submitting the IIQA and its fees. Such HEIs are eligible to apply again only after six months from the day of declaration of Pre-qualification status.
  • Institutes which have submitted their Self Study Reports (SSRs) for any reason does not complete the A&A process; they may be allowed to withdraw Accreditation applications.

3. Data Validation & Verification (DVV) Process

  • DVV partner verifies SSR and ensures correctness
  • The process of Data Validation and Verification (DVV) by NAAC will be done in 30 days.
  • Any queries is submitted to the respective University/ College within scheduled time period
    “NO Response” from University/ College will lead to “Intent to Withdraw” without refund of fee
  • Deviation in Metrics or false information will cause Institutes penalty or legal action. The first instalment of accreditation fees will also be forfeited, and the name of such Institute will be sent to statutory authorities for further actions.
  • Institutions are given 15 days time to complete the DVV process, and are supposed to respond within stipulated time during DVV clarification stage.
  • In unforeseen situations (refer the details at when the institutions fail to comply with the DVV process, a further extension of 7 days shall be granted on the basis of decision from Competent Authority.
  • If the pre-qualification score of Quantitative Metrics is less than 30%, the University/ college has to re-apply for the A&A process through IIQA
  • Institutes which do not comply to the DVV clarification process, assessment and accreditation process of such institutions will be terminated at the level of DVV clarification and the fees paid for IIQA and the SSR 1st instalment will be forfeited. Such institutions shall reapply for accreditation after one year from the date of declaration of decision in Standing Committee (SC) meeting, by submission of IIQA and filling SSR afresh.
  • The clarification process and time lines for Re-DVV is same as DVV process.

4. Peer Team Visit (PTV)

  • Within three weeks of receiving the SSR, NAAC declares the date of visit
  • The Peer Team visits onsite to review Qualitative Metrics (QlM)
  • The pre-qualified Institutes will be asked to pay balance 50% of the stipulated fees+ applicable taxes before 15 days from the visit date. If the institution does not pay the fee within 15 days, the SSR will not be processed. The Institutes will have to apply again / afresh with IIQA and its fees. The Taxes/GST will not be refunded.
  • Peer Team visit of the institution should not exceed three months after clearance of Pre-qualifier stage (i.e. minimum 30% pre-qualifier score based on the Quantitative Metrics)
  • NAAC will disclose the details of the Peer Team members only three days before the scheduled PTV dates. NAAC will directly take care of all the logistics regarding the Peer Teams visiting the institutions. There would be absolutely no financial transactions between the Institution and the Peer Team members
  • Based on the size and scope of academic offerings at the HEIs, the number of days and experts for onsite visit may vary from 2-3 days with 2-5 expert reviewers visiting the institutions.
  • Peer team physically verifies the institute for the quality and then submits its report to NAAC HQ for giving a suitable grade
  • Any Institution found to be providing wrong information/data during validation and verification stage will be asked for clarifications. On the basis of clarifications submitted by the Institute the data will be again sent for DVV process (steps 3)

The policy to withdraw Accreditation applications is:
(NAAC: Resolution dated Aug 17, 2018)

  • Such University/ College shall be allowed to apply for Assessment and Accreditation only after a period of one year from the date of submission of SSR.
  • Such University/ College should host the information that it has withdrawn / not completed the process on the HEI website and the information will be hosted on NAAC website too.
  • The fees submitted by HEI for Assessment and Accreditation process so far will be forfeited.


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