Characteristics of a good “Train the Trainer” program on “Machine Learning”

Data is the lifeline of any enterprise. Data-driven choices are constantly making a distinction in keeping pace with demand or slipping farther behind. Machine Learning will be the secret to accessing the importance of business and consumer data and taking choices that hold an organization ahead of competition. Machine Learning is what lets us find patterns and create mathematical models for things that would sometimes be impossible for humans to do.

Towards this, the Industries have already started preparing themselves in different way of working to set a really strong platform to succeed, looking at ways to adapt and letting their employees know about the changes and hence preventive actions in terms of up-skilling/ re-skilling.

Prediction is that Machine Learning is taking over the world with a growth rate from $1.03 Billion USD in 2016 to $8.81 Billion USD or probably more by 2022. Looking at the facts, it is safe to say that Machine Learning as an industry is continuing to grow. Now is the time to get into Machine Learning by enrolling in a Machine Learning course to know the in and out of Machine Learning.

Before getting to learn Machine Learning, let us understand what makes a really good Machine Learning course especially when we plan for an “Up-skilling” course program.

Characteristics of a good “Train the Trainer” program on “Machine Learning”

  • Flexible learning options from a traditional classroom to Virtual classroom, Instructor-led online, and self-learning program
  • Outcome based learning Sessions with small batch size to focus on learnings at individual level
  • A knowledgeable Instructor (It’s a bonus, if the instructor possesses a rich and varied Industry background in India and abroad, along with an extensive teaching experience in premier educational institution)
  • Best-in-class curriculum drawn from the top national and international universities and Online Learning platforms to target “Up-skilling” (specially taking ML sessions in their respective colleges)
  • Covers in-depth understanding session for the Corporate Employees who are already working In Machine Learning domain
  • Easy-to-understand and crispy training material full with examples & case studies
  • Programming assignments for practice and hands-on experience
  • Engage the Learners throughout the program in various activities like: Quiz, MCQs, Case Studies
  • Make use of free, open-source programming languages. Example: Python in case of Machine Learning
  • Access to Live Video Recording & presentations
  • Availability of the Mentor on WhatsApp and phone during the program for query resolution
  • 3-Level Assessments & Industry-wide recognised certificate in Machine Learning after completion of the course

For adoption and effective use of any technology, it is important that the learner puts in continuous effort to stay connected with technology. Sustained exposure and training is important to follow the same in day-to-day life. Just by taking the demonstration of the new technology, platforms and devices once and expect to become experts is not feasible.

Given the rapid development of Machine Learning and knowing the fact that the sector faces a shortage of expertise, Acadepro innovates to execute “Train the Trainer” program with collaborative efforts of world-class faculty by Integrating the latest technology, teaching methods and facilities. As an ML developer, Acadepro helps you to find solution for real-life problems and create approaches that have a significant effect on how companies and individuals succeed.

Acadepro takes approach of less theory & more practical applications of different technique to help you to learn skills that make you stand out.

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