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Technology Expansion

Is your Institute Future-Ready?


Your placement data says that you are Industry-ready…


Join hands with Acadepro experts for technology adaptation/ expansion in your university/ college.


By end of 2020, colleges and universities will be very different places than they were yesterday and today. There is no doubt that technology will be one of the driving forces contributing to the educational transformation.


Acadepro experts will work with you

  • To make a strategic plan for the use of technology to enable learning
  • To Identify the right solution for specific needs
  • To compare multiple solutions side-by-side and evaluating compatibility
  • To quantify the business problem they’re solving
  • To compare multiple devices side-by-side
  • To identify if purchase requires other system upgrades


Keeping in mind the need of the hour, APSS Offers:

  • Blockchain for Education : To change how technology applications approach student education data.
  • Establish IT-Cell : Establish IT-Cell for IT Infrastructure and Data Centre Including Servers Hardware, Network Devices, Racks¸ Firewall for Cyber Security, Storage, backup and Software related activities, Collaboration & Communication, Strategy & Planning for Surveillance Security System, Bio-metric for Attendance (integration with existing/ new software), Wi-Fi, Hardware including peripherals etc. including assistance for procurement of computer H/W & S/W & other IT-related devices
  • Establish Employability, Placement & Career Advancement Cell : Acadepro experts work with your institute to make the right strategy to invite leading industrialists and professionals for the job.
  • Digital Marketing Cell : Developing the Institute’s Social Media Marketing Campaign to Boost Admissions
  • Language Labs and Smart Classrooms : Technology will offer you an extra pair of hands and will add an extra oomph for your class. The aim of the language lab/Smart classroom is to encourage students to engage regularly in language learning activities and to learn more which is otherwise not feasible in a typical classroom setting & also teachers can easily tackle the complexities of explaining complicated topics using the resources available.
  • ERP Implementation : ERP Implementation to improve efficiency in both administrative operations and academics
  • Best-fit software tools : Best-fit software tools for specific needs in line with the requirement of NAAC, UGC